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Where To Live In Nashville Tennessee? (Solved)

  • Elliston Place. Neighborhood in Nashville, TN.
  • Hope Gardens. Neighborhood in Nashville, TN.
  • Brentwood. Suburb of Nashville, TN.
  • Franklin. Town in Tennessee.
  • Nolensville. Suburb of Nashville, TN.
  • Music Row. Neighborhood in Nashville, TN.
  • Scarritt Peabody. Neighborhood in Nashville, TN.
  • Sulphur Dell (North Capital Area)

What is the most dangerous neighborhood in Nashville?

  • Shepherd Hills. With such a peaceful-sounding name,you might never guess that Shepherd Hills is currently considered to be the most dangerous neighborhood in Nashville.
  • Buena Vista Heights. Told you that you were going to see Buena Vista on here again.
  • College Heights-Clifton.
  • Cleveland Park.
  • Osage-North Fisk.
  • Elizabeth Park.
  • Mckissack Park.
  • Capitol View.

What part of Nashville is best to live in?

The following neighborhoods are closest to the Nashville metro area and family-friendly.

  • Brentwood. About 30 minutes South from downtown, this area has excellent schools, but housing prices are higher.
  • Mt. Juliet.
  • East Nashville.
  • Donelson/Hermitage.
  • Crieve Hall.

Is Nashville Tennessee a good place to live?

It’s one of the nation’s best places to live. Nashville has been named the 15th best place to live in the country — and it’s not because of the honky-tonks. Overall, Nashville received a 7.1 score out of 10 on the ranking’s assessment of the local job market, housing affordability, quality of life and more.

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What is the safest place to live in Nashville?

Safe, Affordable Neighborhoods in Nashville

  • Buena Vista.
  • Germantown.
  • Green Hills.
  • Hillsboro West End.
  • Historic Edgefield.

What you should know before moving to Nashville?

13 Things to Know Before Moving to Nashville

  • It’s Called Music City for a Reason. If you like live music, you’ll love Nashville.
  • It’s Tough to Be a Vegetarian.
  • There’s More to the Arts Scene than Music.
  • There’s a Parthenon.
  • It’s a Tech Hub.
  • Whiskey is Serious Business.
  • So is Beer.
  • There’s History All Around You.

Is moving to Tennessee a good idea?

Over the last 20 years, Tennessee has enjoyed an impressive rate of population growth. Low tax rates, living costs, and high quality of life have kept people on the move to Tennessee. It’s not a perfect place, but for the price, Tennessee is about as good as one can get.

What salary do you need to live in Nashville?

Recommended Salary in Nashville The best rule to follow is the 30% rule, which states that your rent should only be 30% of your monthly income. The median cost of rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Nashville is $1,680. This translates to a recommended monthly income of at least $5,040 or around $60,480 per year.

Is Nashville TN expensive to live?

Overall, the average cost of living in Nashville is about 3% lower than the U.S. national average. (Though as the most popular city in the state, Nashville is roughly 7% more expensive to live in than the rest of Tennessee.) Housing prices are 9% lower than the nation’s average, and utility expenses are 10% lower.

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Where should I not live in Nashville?

Most Dangerous Neighborhoods In Nashville, TN

  • West Meade. Population 469. 308 %
  • Salemtown. Population 341. 267 %
  • Heron Walk. Population 11,940. 248 %
  • Glencliff. Population 7,729. 243 %
  • Bordeaux. Population 5,092. 154 %
  • Talbot’s Corner. Population 12,018. 149 %
  • Four Corners. Population 4,201. 106 %
  • Eastwood. Population 2,859. 101 %

Is Memphis or Nashville better?

Both Nashville and Memphis have family-friendly museums, great restaurants, parks and plenty to see and do. Both are rich in culture and diversity. When it comes to education, neither city ranks among the top in the nation, but Nashville test scores are almost 50% higher than those in Memphis.

Is Bellevue Tennessee a safe place to live?

#4: Council District 22 — Bellevue Located approximately 13 miles from downtown Nashville, the UCR program reported that 48 violent crimes occurred and 260 property incidents were filed in Bellevue. Bellevue features small- to medium-sized apartment complexes and high-rise apartments and townhomes.

Is Nashville a good place to live 2021?

Nashville neighborhood named best place to live in Tennessee in 2021, according to Niche. A Nashville neighborhood has been named the best place to live in Tennessee in 2021. Nashville’s Elliston Place neighborhood landed in the top spot, ranking highly in families and nightlife categories.

Do you need a car to live in Nashville?

You’ ll Probably Need A Car Everywhere Else Public transportation isn’t the best in the city. Like it or not, unless you’re in one of the few walkable areas, you’ll need a car to get around.

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