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Where Is West Tennessee? (Solution found)

What county is West TN in?

  • West Tennessee. The states of Kentucky and Mississippi provide the respective northern and southern boundaries, with the exception of a portion of Lauderdale County, Alabama, which lies southeast of Hardin County. The region consists of twenty-one counties.

What cities are considered West Tennessee?


  • Memphis (662,897)
  • Jackson (65,211)
  • Bartlett (54,613)
  • Collierville (43,965)
  • Germantown (38,844)
  • Dyersburg (17,145)
  • Lakeland (12,430)
  • Arlington (11,517)

What is considered West Tennessee?

The West Tennessee Region consists of 21 counties west of the Tennessee River. The communities involved range from the smallest unincorporated areas to the largest city in the state, Memphis. Regional offices are established to improve services to the local emergency management directors and agencies in the area.

Where is Tennessee East or West?

Tennessee, constituent state of the United States of America. It is located in the upper South of the eastern United States and became the 16th state of the union in 1796. The geography of Tennessee is unique.

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What are the three regions of Tennessee?

The state of Tennessee is divided into three sections called the Grand Divisions, and people commonly refer to themselves as being from East, Middle, or West Tennessee. These divisions are legal as well as geographic and cultural, and date back to the earliest period of European settlement.

What is East Tennessee known for?

East Tennessee is known for its beauty, mountains, whiskey and bluegrass music.

What is the West Tennessee plain?

Gulf Coastal Plain The western third of the state — the entire Grand Division of West Tennessee — is Gulf Coastal Plain. This is where the elevation of the state is lowest and the land is flattest. The largest cities in the Gulf Coastal Plain are Memphis and Jackson.

What food is West Tennessee known for?

Taste of Tennessee

  • Sweet tea. No Southern meal is complete without a glass of sweet tea.
  • RC Cola and Moon Pie. First invented at Chattanooga Bakery, moon pies are a Tennessee tradition.
  • Country ham. Country ham is arguably Tennessee’s most famous delicacy.
  • Fried catfish.
  • Stack cake.
  • Tomatoes.
  • Memphis Ribs.
  • Jack Daniels.

Where does it flood in Tennessee?

Recent reports state that the cities of Waverly and McEwen in Humphreys County, central Tennessee appear to be the worst impacted by flooding so far.

Are there mountains in West Tennessee?

To the west of the Tennessee Valley is a portion of the Cumberland Plateau, with flat-topped mountains and sharp valleys, and elevations ranging from 1,500 feet to more than 2,000 feet. This is where you’ll find Tennessee’s portion of Lookout Mountain, which overlooks Chattanooga.

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What are people from Tennessee called?

Tennessee. People who live in Tennessee are called Tennesseans.

Where are the mountains in Tennessee?

Great Smoky Mountains, byname Great Smokies or the Smokies, western segment of the high Appalachian Mountains in eastern Tennessee and western North Carolina, U.S. The Great Smokies lie between Knoxville, Tennessee (just to the west), and Asheville, North Carolina (just to the east), blending into the Blue Ridge

What state is Tennessee close to?

Tennessee borders eight other US states, Kentucky and Virginia to the north, North Carolina to the east, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia in the south, Arkansas and Missouri along the Mississippi River in the west.

What is the state flower of Tennessee?

Iris. The Iris, genus Iridaceae, is the official state cultivated flower. It is an herbaceous perennial of which there are about 170 species, including several North American varieties, the most common of which is the Blue Flag.

What are 5 interesting facts about Tennessee?

10 weird things you probably don’t know about Tennessee

  • Tennessee is tied for the state with the most borders.
  • A Tennessee lake was created by an earthquake.
  • Kingston was the state capital for one day.
  • Tennesee has 10 state songs.
  • Tennessee is the birthplace of the tow truck.

What is the culture of Tennessee?

The white European pioneer tradition helped to shape the music, crafts, and legends of East Tennessee, while African Americans have been a formative cultural force in the western part of the state. Middle Tennesseans have nurtured a rich amalgam of religious, educational, and other institutions.

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