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Where Is Watauga Lake In Tennessee? (Solution)

Watauga Lake, located east of Elizabethton, Tennessee, is the local name of the Watauga Reservoir created by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) with the 1948 completion of the TVA Watauga Dam.

What city is Watauga Lake in?

Insiders’ Vacation Guide 2020. Watauga Lake, nestled in the Appalachian Mountains and the Cherokee National Forest in northeastern Tennessee, enjoys the most stunningly beautiful lake and mountain views in the ‘Volunteer State’.

What county is Watauga Lake in TN?

Johnson County is situated on the north side of Watauga Lake, which is said to be the third cleanest lake in America. Most of the 110 miles of shoreline is protected from development greatly contributing to the lake being so clean.

Can you swim in Watauga Lake TN?

A large grassy area for picnicking or sunbathing, and designated lake swimming area along Watauga Lake, makes for a perfect summer retreat.

What state is Watauga Lake in?

Watauga Lake, nestled in the Appalachian Mountains and the Cherokee National Forest in northeastern Tennessee, enjoys a stunningly beautiful lake with mountain views in the Volunteer State. Begun in 1942 and dammed on the last day of 1948, Watauga Lake is TVA’s highest-elevated reservoir in Tennessee.

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Where can I fish in Watauga Lake?

Watauga has fantastic Smallmouth and very good Largemouth Bass fishing. The lower section of the reservoir is where some of the best smallmouth action takes place. The best largemouth densities are in Roan, Doe, and Cobb Creeks and the upper Elk and Watauga Rivers.

How deep is Watauga Lake in Tennessee?

At the TVA summertime water level target “full pool”, the lake surface covers 6,430 acres (26 km²) and the estimated depth of Watauga Lake is 265 feet (81 m) at the dam. At full pool, Watauga’s elevation is the highest of all TVA lakes at 1,959 feet (597 m) above sea level.

Is Watauga Lake clean?

The majority of Lake Watauga’s 6,340-acre coverage falls within Cherokee National Park, leaving it largely undeveloped and, as a result, noticeably clean. The Tennessee Valley Authority oversees much of the Lake Watauga development and usage.

Is Watauga Lake polluted?

Overall, E. coli levels in the Watauga River are low, and the river is typically safe for swimming. However, E. coli levels can change at any time and frequently increase after rain events.

Is Watauga Lake nice?

Watauga is by far one of the best lakes I’ve ever visited. It’s beautiful, clean and friendly. Excellent fishing, skiing, kayaking, cruising and floating. There are several marinas, public boat launching areas and a few places to grab a meal.

How cold is the Watauga River?

Being a tailwater, it flows from the bottom of the dam, maintaining a cold and consistent temperature ranging from 45-65 degrees year-round. The Watauga River offers great fishing all year.

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What rivers feed into Watauga Lake?

Gates open at 7 a.m. and close at 10 p.m. Campsites are for one group of up to five individuals and two vehicles. The site is open through Sept. 18. Activities and amenities — Camping, bathrooms, warm showers, potable water.

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