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Where Is Kentucky Lake In Tennessee? (TOP 5 Tips)

Kentucky Lake stretches 184 miles from Kentucky Dam at Gilbertsville to Pickwick Dam in Tennessee.

  • Kentucky Lake, as a result of the Kentucky Dam, makes up one of the largest manmade lakes in the United States. The lake extends across the western tip of Kentucky and nearly the entire width of Tennessee. Local towns include Benton and Grand Rivers, with Nashville only 100 miles away.

Where is Kentucky Lake located in Tennessee?

Kentucky Lake, one of the largest man-made lakes in the eastern United States, situated in Marshall, Calloway, Livingston, Lyon, and Trigg counties, southwestern Kentucky, U.S.; its southern extremity overlaps into Tennessee.

What town is close to Kentucky Lake?

The scenic waterfront town of Grand Rivers sits along Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley, making it a popular summertime destination in the Bluegrass.

What city is Kentucky Lake?

Kentucky Lake – Tennessee Paris is home to the area’s most beautiful downtown. Just 15 minutes up the road is Paris Landing where there are several places to stay and marinas.

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What county is Kentucky Lake in Tennessee?

Benton County, Tennessee is situated on Interstate 40, US 70 and US 641 and lies in northwest Tennessee. The county is the southern gateway to the Kentucky Lakes Area. Kentucky Lake is the county’s border to the east. As of the 2018 US Census Estimates, the county was home to 16,184.

Are there alligators in Kentucky Lake?

MARSHALL COUNTY, KY — Lakegoers got a surprise Saturday when they saw an alligator at Kentucky Lake. Conservation officer Lee Cope with Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife says the department got a call about an alligator near the paddle boat area, close to Kentucky Dam. Alligators are not native to this area.

Is Kentucky Lake a natural lake?

Spanning the western portion of Tennessee and southwest Kentucky, it’s the largest artificial lake in the state, at 184 miles long, with 2,064 miles of shoreline, and 160,300 surface acres of water at summer water levels.

What towns are on Kentucky Lake in Tennessee?

Benton/Marshall Co.

  • Principal City: Benton (15 miles from Kentucky Lake)
  • Other Communities: Calvert City, Aurora, Gilbertsville, Draffenville, Hardin.
  • Lake Locations: Kentucky Dam, Sledd Creek, Bear Creek, Malcolm Creek, Jonathan Creek, Shawnee Bay.
  • Principal City: Murray (15 miles from Kentucky Lake)

What lake borders Tennessee and Kentucky?

The Dale Hollow Reservoir is a reservoir situated on the Kentucky/Tennessee border. The lake is formed by the damming of the Obey River, 7.3 miles (12 km) above its juncture with the Cumberland River at river mile 380. Portions of the lake also cover the Wolf River.

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What is under Kentucky Lake?

Kentucky Dam and Lake The dam was completed in 1944, and the entirety of Birmingham was submerged under the resulting lake, the largest man-made lake in the world at that time. Due to the creation of Lake Barkley, in the 1960’s, some Birmingham residents were forced to relocate a second time.

Can you swim in Kentucky Lake?

Enjoy a day in the sun, swimming on Kentucky Lake! The whole family will love being on the beach, whether you’re swimming, laying out or playing sand volleyball. Sandy beaches open seasonally from 10am-7pm with beach volleyball courts and pavilions available.

Is Kentucky Lake clean?

Visitors that prefer not to fish can go swimming, water skiing or even scuba diving in the lake. In fact, the lake’s 85 metres of water is some of the cleanest in all of Kentucky.

Does Kentucky Lake flow north?

On a typical lake that flows north-to-south, he’ll look for points on the main river channel that face north. On Kentucky Lake, which flows the opposite way, he’ll look for points that face south.

Is Kentucky Lake and Barkley Lake connected?

One mile above the dam is a canal connecting Lake Barkley with Kentucky Lake, forming one of the greatest freshwater recreational complexes in the country. The lakes run parallel courses for more than 50 miles with Land Between the Lakes National Recreational Area located between them.

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