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Where Is Christina Haack Tennessee Home? (Solution)

  • She was never expected to attend the nuptials, but she’s already nestled into her Nashville, Tennessee home far away from the spotlight — and it sounds that is exactly the way she wants it. Haack shared photos and videos on her Instagram Story of fiancé Joshua Hall buzz-sawing firewood for those crisp fall nights in Tennessee.

Why did Christina buy a house in Tennessee?

“Being out there on all that land reminded me of my favorite childhood memories, which were staying summers on my grandparents’ farm,” she shared of her reasons for purchasing the property. “I felt so carefree and loved taking out their quads and hanging with my cousins on all the land.”

Did Christina Haack sell her Tennessee home?

A representative for the HGTV star confirmed that she has no plans to move to Tennessee full time and will use the property as a vacation home. Haack also recently purchased a new primary residence in Southern California, after selling the Newport Beach home she had shared with Anstead and their blended family.

Where did Christina on the coast move to in Tennessee?

She bought her Tennessee house around New Year’s. According to Dirt, Christina paid $2.5 million for the house, which sits on 24 acres in Franklin, Tenn. The house, built in 2017, boasts about 5,000 square feet of living space, garage space for four cars, a swimming pool, and a wraparound porch.

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Did Christina Haack buy a house in Franklin TN?

According to public real estate records, Haack paid right at $2.5 million for the house, which sits on just under 24 lushly wooded acres at the end of a long private driveway in the affluent rural community of Franklin, Tenn., a Nashville suburb that is also home to a number of prominent country singers.

How much was Christina’s house in Tennessee?

Christina Haack’s Tennessee home In early 2021, Haack, who is known for her signature California casual style, quietly purchased her second home in Tennessee for $2.5 million.

Where does Christina Aguilera live now?

Dirt reported that Haack purchased the property for $2.5 million. The house sits on the outskirts of Franklin, Tennessee, which is around 25 miles southwest of downtown Nashville. Her property is four years old and has six bedrooms and five and a half bathrooms.

Where is Christina on the coast filmed?

Christina on the Coast takes us to more than one state If it seems like Christina Haack is always in a beautiful area when she’s appearing on “Christina on the Coast,” that’s because she is! Specifically, Haack both lives and works in Southern California’s Newport Beach.

Where does Christina from Flip or Flop live?

Things are going swimmingly for Christina Haack, who has a beautiful new place to call home. In July, the 38-year-old Flip or Flop star purchased her new $10 million mansion, which includes five bedrooms and seven bathrooms, according to media reports. The residence is in Dana Point, located in Orange County, Calif.

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