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Where Is Cades Cove In Tennessee? (Solution found)

Cades Cove is located near the Townsend, Tennessee park entrance. Townsend, Tennessee is located within Blount County, Tennessee and is just south of Gatlinburg. To get to the park entrance from Townsend just take TN-73 east towards the park and you will be there in no time.

When is Cades Cove closed to cars?

  • Cades Cove Loop Road is closed to motor vehicles on Wednesday and Saturday mornings until 10:00 a.m. from May 8 through September 25 to allow bicyclists and pedestrians to enjoy the Cove.

What town is closest to Cades Cove?

Townsend TN has the closest entrance to Cades Cove of any town near the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. Serene and beautiful, Townsend is referred to as the peaceful side of the Smokies, and has much to offer the Smokies visitor who is looking to get away from their busy life.

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Is Pigeon Forge or Gatlinburg closer to Cades Cove?

Cade’s Cove is the most visited area of the Smoky Mountains. Roughly 31 miles away from the city of Pigeon Forge, Cade’s Cove is in the 6,800-acre valley known for its picturesque landscapes.

How much does it cost to go to Cades Cove?

Admission is free. Cades Cove features an 11-mile, paved loop road around the cove. A self-guiding auto tour booklet is available for $1 at loop road entrance. The booklet provides an excellent description of the historic buildings and other sites in the cove.

Why is Cades Cove popular?

The valley was home to numerous settlers before the formation of the national park. Today Cades Cove, the single most popular destination for visitors to the park, attracts more than two million visitors a year because of its well preserved homesteads, scenic mountain views, and abundant display of wildlife.

How long does it take to drive around Cades Cove?

Access the Cades Cove Loop from Laurel Creek Road, Parson Branch Road, or Rich Mountain Road—the latter two roads are closed during winter. The Loop is a one-way (one-lane) paved road. The scenic driving tour through the Cades Cove Loop takes approximately two to four hours depending on traffic.

Is Cades Cove still closed?

Cades Cove Loop Road: Vehicle-free access along the Cades Cove Loop Road each Wednesday, from May 5th through September 1st. The road will close to all vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists from September 7, 2021 through September 27, 2021 for paving work.

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What is so special about Cades Cove?

Located about an hour away from downtown Gatlinburg, TN, Cades Cove is famous for its well-preserved historic buildings, lovely mountain vistas, and unrivaled wildlife viewing. All of the valley’s major landmarks are conveniently located along an 11-mile loop road, which makes the Cove ideal for auto touring.

Is Cades Cove worth the drive?

The drive to Cades Cove alone will definitely be worth the trip. As you drive through the beautiful wooded areas of the Smoky Mountains and enjoy breathtaking views, you and your family will feel like you arrived in Cades Cove in no time.

How much does it cost to walk across the skybridge in Gatlinburg?

Admission prices are $14.95 for children ages 4-11, $17.95 for adults over 65 and $19.95 for adults ages 12-64.

Are there bathrooms in Cades Cove?

It is good to note, as well, that the bathrooms are located at the amphitheater near the campground, and half way around the loop at the visitor center (see map below).

Why is Cades Cove Loop closed?

(WVLT) – Great Smoky Mountains National Park officials announced Cades Cove Loop Road will be fully closed for three weeks in the fall to resurface the roadway. Due to the complete removal of the bridges and the use of large equipment to perform repair work, the road will continue to be closed to all use.

Does Cades Cove bathroom?

We stopped at the campground store and vending area to use the restroom before starting the loop road drive through Cades Cove. The restrooms were nasty and gross. I’d hate to be camping there and only have those to use!

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Why are there no deer in Cades Cove?

Also, disease outbreaks in the 1960s and 1970s took a toll on the deer population in Cades Cove, Miller said. “In some outbreaks, up to 80 percent of the deer population was wiped out,” he said. Some critics have accused the National Park Service of removing deer from Cades Cove to reduce the population.

Does anyone live in Cades Cove?

Cades Cove is a national treasure, a jewel of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, but Rex Caughron doesn’t bother much with going anymore. “Very seldom do I go through the Cove,” he said.

How many people lived in Cades Cove Tennessee?

A Baptist and Methodist church were established in Cades Cove during the 1820s. By 1850, the population in the valley had reached 685 as new families moved to the Cove and numerous children were born into the families already settled there. It was not uncommon for a household to have ten to twelve children.

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