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When Is Mule Days In Columbia, Tennessee?

The 2021 Mule Day was cancelled. 2022 Mule Day in Columbia, Tennessee will be held April 28th thru May 3rd.

What day is Mule Day 2021?

The spring event will now be called Maury County Mulefest 2021 and is scheduled for the weekend of May 28 and 29.

Where is the mule Festival in Tennessee?

Mule Day is an annual celebration of all things related to mules held in Columbia, Tennessee, the “Mule Capital” of the world. It began in 1840 as “Breeder’s Day”, a meeting for mule breeders and now attracts over 100,000 people taking place over four days.

What day is Mule Day on?

Mule Day History “Mule Day” has been a popular Columbia tradition for nearly 170 years, since the 1840s. It began as “Breeder’s Day”, a single day livestock show and mule market event held on the first Monday in April.

Why do they call Columbia Tennessee Mule Town?

MULE TOWN USA. It all started more than 150 years ago, when Columbia became known as a Mule Trading Center, where farmers knew that they could find “quality well broke” mules to plow the fields. As the “saying goes”, their team of mules could make or break them.

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Is Mule Day happening this year?

In accordance with the recommendations of the CDC and state government regarding COVID-19, Maury County Bridle and Saddle Club, the organizers for the annual Mule Day celebration and parade, along with the City of Columbia and Maury County government have made a joint, vital decision to cancel this year’s Mule Day

How many people go to Mule Days?

Eventually, tractors began to replace mules, making them less in demand. A parade was added to Mule Day in 1934 to attract more people. Over the years other activities have been added, and today more than 200,000 people show up each year to watch and participate.

Is Mule Day 2020 Cancelled?

One of the last largest events held in the Eastern Sierra, Mule Days 2020, has officially been cancelled as the result of concerns over the coronavirus pandemic.

What is National Mule Day?

National Mule Day, on October 26th, recognizes an intelligent pack animal many mistaken to be stubborn. A mule is a hybrid cross between a male donkey (jack) and a female horse. As a hybrid, the animal inherits characteristics from both parents.

When did National Mule Day start?

History Of National Mule Day: President Ronald Reagan officially proclaimed the date of National Mule Day on the two hundredth anniversary of the Spanish Jack’s arrival. It was October 26th, 1985. A day devoted to mules was already listed in ‘Chase’s Annual Events’ for 28 years since the year they began publishing.

How did Mule Day start?

The Mule Day festival originated in 1934 and has been held continuously since 1974 under the sponsorship of the Maury County Bridle and Saddle Club. It has grown from a one-day event to a four-day spectacular. Its roots are found in Breeders Day, a yearly livestock show and market held since about 1840.

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Is Columbia TN safe?

With a crime rate of 36 per one thousand residents, Columbia has one of the highest crime rates in America compared to all communities of all sizes – from the smallest towns to the very largest cities. One’s chance of becoming a victim of either violent or property crime here is one in 28.

What was the Columbia race riots?

This post-World War II race riot occurred in the town of Columbia on the night of February 25-26, 1946. Like other outbreaks of violence in the South in the immediate postwar era, this incident involved military veterans who were unwilling to accept prevailing racial norms upon returning to their hometowns.

What is Columbia TN known for?

Columbia and Maury County are acknowledged as the “Antebellum Homes Capital of Tennessee “; the county has more antebellum houses than any other county in the state. The city is home to one of the last two surviving residences of James Knox Polk, the 11th President of the United States; the other is the White House.

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