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What To Do In Tennessee In Winter? (Correct answer)

15 Awesome Winter Things To Do in Pigeon Forge Gatlinburg

  • Experience the Winterfest Lights.
  • Winter Hikes in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.
  • Take a Guided Tour Through the Smokies.
  • Winter-time Shopping.
  • Explore the Great Smoky Arts Crafts Community.
  • Visit an Amazing Museum Attraction.

What are some cool things to do in Tennessee?

  • Tennessee is known for it’s breathtaking mountains and incredible music, and rightly so. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a must see, Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum takes kids on a journey of the country’s most popular music genre, and well, there’s Graceland.

What is there to do in Tennessee in the winter?

10 Unforgettable Places In Tennessee That Everyone Must Visit This Winter

  • 10) Christmas at Graceland – Memphis.
  • 9) Pigeon Forge Winterfest.
  • 8) Rock City’s Enchanted Garden of Lights – Chattanooga.
  • 7) Eight Mile Craft Loop – Gatlinburg.
  • 6) Starry Nights – Memphis.
  • 5) Pigeon Forge Christmas – Dollywood.
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Is Tennessee fun in the winter?

Tennessee offers a variety of places to escape the colder months. From rock climbing to exploring space, being awed by artifacts and music, your winter vacation will be filled with endless fun in Tennessee.

What is there to do in Nashville TN in the winter?

7 of the Best Things to Do in Nashville, TN During Winter

  • Ride an Old Town Trolley.
  • Explore the Country Music Hall of Fame.
  • Be Merry at Gaylord Opryland.
  • Experience the Dancing Lights of Christmas.
  • See Belle Meade Plantation.
  • Ring in the New Year.
  • Get Cozy in the Heart of Nashville This Winter!

Is Gatlinburg fun in the winter?

Gatlinburg offers plenty to keep visitors entertained on a year-round basis, and yet, vacationers and locals alike often find themselves spending the majority of the winter months indoors. That’s a shame, as many of the area’s finest attractions involve snow and ice.

What is Tennessee winter?

Except for in the mountainous east, Tennessee’s winters are pretty mild. Between December and February the daytime highs hover around 50°F, dropping off to around freezing at night. It doesn’t snow much except for in the Appalachians, and even then it’s often in the form of sleet and ice.

Where is the best place to vacation in the winter?

Best Winter Vacations

  • Lake Tahoe.
  • U.S. Virgin Islands.
  • Jackson Hole.
  • Curacao.
  • Rio de Janeiro.
  • Breckenridge.
  • Cartagena.
  • Auckland.

What is there to do in Tennessee in January?

Top things to do in January 2021 around Pigeon Forge and

  1. Go snow tubing.
  2. Visit Ober Gatlinburg.
  3. Visit Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies.
  4. Ring in the New Year at The Island in Pigeon Forge.
  5. Enjoy Winterfest in the Smoky Mountains.
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Is Gatlinburg busy in December?

Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge are busy during the holidays, leaving the Parkway congested. If traffic is slow in town, enjoy the LED light displays that will surely brighten the trip! Roads can also become icy at times, so make sure you are well prepared for local weather conditions.

Does it snow in Gatlinburg in December?

When you’re roaming the streets in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg in December, you may get lucky and spot a quick flurry. On average, less than 2 inches of snow falls in December and it very rarely sticks to the ground.

Is it fun to go to Nashville in January?

Winter is an enjoyable and festive time in Nashville while the city celebrates the holiday season. The generally mild winter temperatures allow you to enjoy many outdoor activities without the worry of snow covered streets. Music City does not stop when the thermometer drops; it just takes the fun indoors.

Is Nashville worth visiting in December?

Nashville is a year-round destination thanks to its thriving music scene, lively bars, the nearby Jack Daniel’s Distillery, and some slick new hotels. However, if you visit Nashville in December, you can also enjoy special holiday events and activities.

Should I visit Nashville in January?

January’s a good time. Nashville is a 365-Day/year town and you will actually be able to get a table at the honky tonks, most of the time. Our weather can be unpredictable. It could be sunny and reach the upper 60s or even low 70s, or it could be single digits and spitting snow/freezing rain.

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What is the coldest month in Gatlinburg?

The coldest month of the year in Gatlinburg is January, with an average low of 29°F and high of 47°F.

What is winter like in Gatlinburg Tennessee?

Weather Averages When it reaches winter in Gatlinburg, you can expect temperatures to get colder and maybe even some snow! For the 2017-18 winter season, the average low was 37 degrees, and the average high was 47 degrees.

Should I visit Gatlinburg in December?

When cold weather arrives in Gatlinburg, it’s a great opportunity to explore the Great Smoky Mountains, National Park during a stunning season! During the winter season in the Smokies, all of the leaves on the trees and thick underbrush are gone, so you can see more mountain views on your hike.

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