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What Kind Of Snakes Are In Tennessee? (Solution found)


  • Wormsnake. Scarletsnake. North American Racer.
  • Red Cornsnake. Gray Ratsnake.
  • Yellow-bellied Kingsnake. Common Kingsnake.
  • Mississippi Green Watersnake. Plain-bellied Watersnake.
  • Northern Watersnake. Rough Greensnake.
  • DeKay’s Brownsnake. Red-bellied Snake.
  • Eastern Ribbonsnake. Common Gartersnake.
  • Copperhead. Cottonmouth.

What are the most common snakes in Tennessee?

  • Northern and southern copperhead
  • Timber rattlesnake
  • Western cottonmouth
  • Western pigmy rattlesnake

What kind of poisonous snakes are there in Tennessee?

Across the state, the four venomous snakes are the timber rattlesnake, the copperhead, the cottonmouth, and the pygmy rattlesnake.

How bad are the snakes in Tennessee?

There are more than 30 types of snakes in Tennessee, and a majority of them are not harmful to people and are beneficial to the environment. The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) has already reported receiving many calls about snake sightings, and it’s only the beginning of the summer season.

What kind of snakes are common in Tennessee?

8 Common Snakes in Tennessee

  1. Eastern Kingsnakes. Eastern kingsnakes are large snakes, usually 3-4 feet long, shiny black in color with white or yellow bands.
  2. 2. Rat Snakes.
  3. Garter Snakes.
  4. Black Racer Snakes.
  5. Brown Snakes.
  6. Copperhead Snakes.
  7. Cottonmouth Snakes (Water Moccasins)
  8. Coral Snakes.
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How common are snakes in Tennessee?

Snakes are common across Tennessee, and there are four venomous snakes native to the state, according to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency. They are northern and southern copperheads, timber rattlesnakes, western cottonmouths, and western pigmy rattlesnakes.

What is the most poisonous snake in the state of Tennessee?

The Timber Rattlesnake is is the largest, and the most dangerous, of the 4 venomous snakes in Tennessee; it occurs across the state. Description: A large, heavy-bodied snake (36.0 to 60.0 inches in length) with a large, triangular head, vertical pupils, and the characteristic rattle at the end of the tail.

Are Copperheads aggressive?

Copperheads are not aggressive, but they are territorial, and will strike in self-defense if they feel threatened. So if you see a copperhead, give it wide berth and leave it alone.

Are water moccasins in TN?

Cottonmouth, Agkistrodon piscivorus. These venomous snakes, also commonly known as “water moccasin,” cottonmouth snakes occur in the western third of Tennessee, including counties on the northern Highland Rim. leucostoma), is recognized in the state.

Are there king snakes in Tennessee?

Common Kingsnake, Lampropeltis getula. holbrooki) is found in the western and southwestern third of Tennessee where it interbreeds with Eastern Black Kingsnake. Description: A large, shiny, black constrictor (36.0 to 48.0 inches in length) with varying yellow or white bands or speckles among the subspecies.

Where is copperhead?

Two subspecies are found in Tennessee: Southern Copperhead (A. c. contortrix), which occurs in extreme West Tennessee, and Northern Copperhead (A. c.

What is a brown snake in Tennessee?

DeKay’s Brownsnake, Storeria dekayi. There are 2 subspecies of this secretive snake in Tennessee: Midland Brownsnake (S. d. wrightorum), which occurs across most of the state, and Northern Brownsnake (S.

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Is there black racer snakes in Tennessee?

Two subspecies are recognized in Tennessee: Northern Black Racer (C. priapus). The Northern Black Racer occurs in the eastern half of the state and the Southern Black Racer occurs in the western half. Description: A large, slender, solid black snake (36.0 to 60.0 inches in length) with smooth and shiny scales.

What are the black snakes in Tennessee?

Kingsnake: The Eastern Black Kingsnake (Lampropeltis getula) is one of several black-bodied snakes found on the Cumberland Plateau. It is found throughout Tennessee and is a shiny black constrictor that can grow up to four feet in length with yellow or white bands or speckles.

How can you keep snakes away?

Home Remedies to Keep Snakes Away:

  1. Eliminate Food Supplies. Snakes are often found in areas where rodents are present as this is one of their primary food sources.
  2. Eliminate Hiding Places.
  3. Change Up Your Landscaping.
  4. Use Natural Predators.
  5. Smoke Them Out.
  6. Utilize Natural Products.

What does a copperhead snake look like?

All species of copperheads are fairly similar in general form and colouration. They are moderately robust and muscular in build. The scales of the back and upper sides are semi-glossy and uniformly blackish to grey brown in colour, with a brownish or orange flush in some individuals of Lowland and Highland Copperheads.

Are snake bites common in Tennessee?

In general, snakebites are rare in the U.S. In Tennessee the snake most responsible for bites is the copperhead. The Tennessee Herpetological Society says to also be careful around the cottonmouth, timber rattlesnake and pigmy rattlesnake.

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