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What Is The Fine For Hunting Over Bait In Tennessee? (Correct answer)

Tennessee law prohibits hunting over a site where bait has been placed to feed or attract wildlife unless all the bait has been removed at least 10 days before hunting. Violation of the baiting law can result in a large fine, plus court costs, along with a possible loss of hunting gear and equipment.

Do you know the rules for bait hunting in Tennessee?

  • Like it or not, now we know the rules. NASHVILLE — The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency has been receiving inquiries concerning hunting with the use of bait. The statute concerning the use of bait (TCA 70-4-113) has not been changed.

Can you hunt deer over bait in Tennessee?

Deer baiting (for the purpose of hunting) is not legal in Tennessee. Many Tennessee hunters have long argued against legalizing baiting saying it simply isn’t ethical.

How far can you hunt from bait in TN?

Shooting into or entering into “a baited area” for the purpose of hunting is prohibited. “A baited area” is defined as a 250-yard radius of the placement of the bait.

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Is it illegal to hunt over a salt block in Tennessee?

Are these products legal to deer hunt over during the season or does it fall into the baiting category? MATT MAJORS: Tennessee Law states that it shall be unlawful for any person at any time to make use of any … Salt blocks have been found to be beneficial to deer.

Can you bait while hunting?

Go to Recreation and Public Use. Baiting of all wildlife, including bears, wolves and coyotes, is not permitted in all Provincial Parks, Provincial Recreation Areas and Wildland Provincial Parks.

What is legal to hunt over in Tennessee?

During deer season In Tennessee you can put out bait year round, you just can not hunt over it or hunt in the area until the bait has been gone for ten days. However, you can hunt over pure salt or mineral products. Also, you can make a food plot and hunt over it.

Can you bait turkeys in TN?

Baiting, possessing rifles, using handguns, possessing or using electronic calls, using live decoys, and loaded ammunition larger than No. 4 shot are prohibited. Turkeys may not be shot or stalked from a boat in Dyer, Haywood, Lauderdale, Obion, Shelby, or Tipton counties.

Is it illegal to feed deer on your property?

Apparently it is legal to feed for deer and hunt over the feed in private lands but only in certain counties. Hunt any big game or feral hog over bait or place bait on any State or Federal managed lands. Place bait in a manner that will cause hunting on an adjacent property to be prohibited.

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Is Lucky Buck legal in Tennessee?

No person shall make use of bait to take wildlife unless the bait has been removed and any electronic feeder disabled at least 10 days prior to hunting. The placement or depositing of any type of food to feed or attract wildlife on WMAs is prohibited.

What is considered baiting deer?

Deer baiting is strategically placing a pile of food near hunting blinds or clearings in hopes of luring a deer (or bears) into close range. They do not hunt those animals or allow others to use their pile as bait. Deer baiting, however, is not without controversy.

Can you hunt over bait in TN?

Tennessee law prohibits hunting over a site where bait has been placed to feed or attract wildlife unless all the bait has been removed at least 10 days before hunting. While placing corn around a deer stand is illegal, hunting over food plots is OK.

Is a food plot considered baiting?

Two acres, no waiting Due to their size and amount of food produced, food plots spread deer out over a much larger area than bait sites, and thus they mimic natural forage in woods and fields. Some people equate food plots to baiting and claim that if baiting is not allowed then food plots should be illegal too.

How far from a house can you hunt in Tennessee?

It is unlawful to hunt, shoot at, chase, or kill, with or without dogs any wild animal, wild bird or wild fowl on public lands and waters within one hundred yards (100 yds.) of a visible dwelling house, whether or not such dwelling house is on public or private lands, without the owner’s permission.

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Can you hunt deer over bait?

Some hunters use bait to hold deer on their property, but don’t hunt over it. This is a common tactic in the Southeast. It can be effective, especially in areas lacking in quality browse or agricultural food sources. When doing this, it’s a good practice to place the bait in the center of the property.

How far away can deer smell corn?

There is no scientific evidence on how far a deer’s sense of smell goes. However, it is suspected deer can smell up to ten times better than the human nose. They use their nose to smell danger, other deer, and food and pick up a scent from approximately half a mile away, including the corn used as bait.

What food do deer like the most?

Food they absolutely love are: pecans, hickory nuts, beechnut acorns, as well as acorns. Fruits such as apples, blueberries, blackberries, and persimmons are also appealing to deer and satisfy their appetites.

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