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What Exotic Pets Are Legal In Tennessee? (Question)

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  • Primates: Gorillas, orangutans, chimpanzees, gibbons, siamangs, mandrills, drills, baboons, Gelada baboons.
  • Wolves: All species.
  • Bears: All species.
  • Lions, tigers, leopards, jaguars, cheetahs, cougars: All species.
  • Elephants: All species.
  • Rhinoceroses: All species.
  • Hippopotamus.

What are the pet laws in Tennessee?

  • The leash law in Tennessee states that a pet dog must be under control of its owner at all times and cannot run at large. A dog can be on its owner’s property without a leash, but it cannot stray onto another person’s property or out into the street and into public areas.The exception to this law is when the dog is legally hunting or herding.

What exotic animal can you own in Tennessee?

Tennessee: Capuchin Monkeys Others, like flying squirrels, bobcats, native mice, and native chipmunks require a TWRA permit. The species that do not require a permit surprisingly include capuchin monkeys, caimans, giraffes, and sea otters.

Are exotic animals legal in Tennessee?

Tennessee does have an exotic animal law, but pythons are a Class III animal under that law, and private property owners are not prohibited from keeping them. Tennessee Code Annotated, § 70-4-403 et seq., is Tennessee’s exotic animal law.

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How much is an exotic pet license in Tennessee?

The annual permits and fees for personal possession of Class I wildlife are $150/animal or $1,000/facility.

Can you own a tiger in Tennessee?

The six U.S. states that have no restrictions on keeping large cats, primates and bears include Nevada, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Alabama, North Carolina and South Carolina. Other states allow primates but not bears and tigers, such as Virginia and Tennessee.

Can you have a pet monkey in Tennessee?

Tennessee is one of the few states in America where owning a pet monkey is legal. However, owning a baboon or an ape (that doesn’t have a tail) is illegal.

Are turtles illegal in Tennessee?

Today, it is illegal to own a wild animal as a pet. Unfortunately, these turtles are still bred in captivity and sold across the world as pets. It is illegal to own a turtle in TN. If you happen to come across a Red-eared slider in captivity, do not release them into the wild.

Are wolf dogs legal in Tennessee?

Wolf-dogs aren’t – aside from specific counties like Knox – illegal to own in Tennessee. But an estimated three in four dogs who are marketed as wolf-dogs actually have no wolf-content. This perpetuates the myth that these creatures can be kept indoors.

What is the best exotic pet to have?

Best Exotic Small Pets That Are Easy to Own

  • Fennec Fox. If you’re looking for an unusual and exotic pet that is incredibly cute, you can’t go wrong with the fennec fox.
  • Axolotl. This salamander has been rising in popularity.
  • Degu.
  • Cockroach.
  • Sugar Gliders.
  • Millipedes.
  • Hedgehogs.
  • Tarantulas.
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Are raccoons legal in Tennessee?

Raccoons are not pets! It is illegal in the State of Tennessee to take a raccoon out of the wild to be kept as a pet.

Are foxes legal in Tennessee?

To put it simply: yes, foxes are legal in Tennessee. Note: Red foxes (Vulpes vulpes) and gray foxes (Urocyon cinereoargenteus) are Class II wild animals that are native to the state. Tennessee began issuing Class II permits for red and gray foxes again in 2015.

Can I own a bush baby?

Like with other primates, it’s illegal to keep Bush Babies as pets in most US states. Primates are challenging pets to keep and they’re prone to catching diseases from humans which can be a significant threat to them while adding to the challenge of their care.

Is it legal to own jellyfish?

Question: Are jellyfish legal to own in California? Answer: Yes.

Are Lynx good pets?

Can Lynx be pets? Lynxes can be kept as pets and pet lynx can be seen a lot. They can be excellent companions if they are looked after from a very young age. They might not be the same as other domesticated dogs or cats because of their nature but they will love you the same.

Can you have a pet skunk in Tennessee?

The bill repeals a current state law that prohibits private possession of skunks and instead puts them in a category of animals that can be owned through a permitting process regulated by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.

Can you own a bobcat?

States Where Bobcat Ownership is Legal Owning bobcats for private purposes or as a pet is legal in several states. These states include Arizona, Delaware, Florida, Indiana, Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Texas and Wisconsin.

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