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What Do Tennessee License Plates Look Like?

  • Standard DMV license plates: These appear on the majority of Tennessee vehicles and are the most economical to own. TN standard plates currently feature a green mountain background and the state’s tourism website address. It can be personalized with three to seven characters for an additional fee.

How many different license plates does Tennessee have?

Tennessee has over 100 different types of license plates available to state residents.

What color is Tennessee license plate?

Of the four choices, two are a navy blue color and two are white with dark blue lettering. Tennessee statute requires the display of “Tennessee,” “Volunteer State” and “” on the plate, as well as county name and expiration year.

Is Tennessee changing their license plates?

More than 300,000 Tennessee residents cast a vote, with 42% voting for the winning design. New plates will be available online and in-person beginning January 3, 2022 as residents complete their annual tag renewal. Up to 100,000 plates per week will be produced to meet initial inventory demands.

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Does Tennessee use front license plates?

The states not requiring a front license plate are Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia.

Can you look up license plates?

To search a license plate number you will need the full license plate number and the state of registration. License plates have the state listed on the plate itself. Once you have the full plate number and state you can search and lookup vehicle information, vehicle specs, possibly owner information, VIN number.

Where are Tennessee license plates made?

Smith Seckman Reid – Tennessee’s License Plate Manufacturing Facility.

Does Tennessee issue two plates?

The “Rugged Nineteen” states that require only one plate include Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, New Mexico. North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, and West Virginia.

Why do Tennessee license plates have counties on them?

At least in TN, we have county stickers because annually you pay a registration tax both to the state and (in most cases) the county. You get one decal for your plate linked to the state, and another that has a slightly different design issued by the county your car is registered in.

What does FW stand for on a Tennessee license plate?

The Gadsden tag features “FW” on the left-hand side, standing for Fort Watauga. A little piece of Northeast Tennessee history is now attached to various vehicles within the region.

How much does it cost to title and register a car in Tennessee?

The fees for titling and registering are as follows: New private passenger license plate (metro decal) and title – $95.00 (Noting Lien additional $11) Transfer plates and title – $14.50 (Noting Lien additional $11) New motorcycle license plate (metro decal) and title – $88.00 (Noting Lien additional $11)

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How much are tags in Tennessee?

Vehicle Registration Fee: In Tennessee, the renewal fee for Private Passenger vehicles is $29.00. Motorcycles can be renewed for $17.00. The fees for Commercial or Specialty registration renewals vary by county.

How do I personalize my license plate?

To apply for a standard personalized registration plate, Form MV-904 (PDF), “Application for Special Registration Plate,” must be completed. Personalized registration plate applicants must have a valid registration plate, which the applicant shall retain pending receipt of the requested personal plate.

Are clear license plate covers illegal in Tennessee?

in a place and position to be clearly visible and shall be maintained free from foreign materials and in a condition to be clearly legible. No tinted materials may be placed over a license plate even if the information upon the license plate is not concealed. TEX TN.

Can I use my old license plate on my new car?

Absolutely. If you bought a new or used vehicle, you can transfer your current license plate (tags) to your new car. It is a simple procedure for drivers who want to keep their license plate number after getting a new vehicle.

Why do Tesla cars not have license plates?

After reading several Tesla blogs online and doing a little research about this issue, it appears that many Tesla owners do not put a front license plate on their Tesla, because, well … they just don’t want to. They often have to purchase a mounting part to attach the front license plate to the vehicle.

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