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What Division Is Tennessee State University? (TOP 5 Tips)

The TSU Tigers sports teams compete in the NCAA Division I Ohio Valley Conference.

What division is Tennessee State University?

  • Athletics. The school competes in the NCAA’s Division I Football Championship Subdivision and is a member of the Ohio Valley Conference. Tennessee State is one of two Division I HBCUs that are not members of the MEAC or SWAC, the other being Hampton University of the Big South Conference.

Is Tennessee State a d1?

The Tennessee State Tigers are the college football team representing the Tennessee State University. The Tigers play in NCAA Division I Football Championship as a member of the Ohio Valley Conference.

Is Tennessee State in the NCAA?

The Tigers athletic program is a member of the Ohio Valley Conference (OVC) and competes in the NCAA Division I, including the Football Championship Subdivision.

Is Tennessee State University d1 for basketball?

The Tennessee State Tigers basketball team represents Tennessee State University (TSU) in Nashville, Tennessee, United States. The school’s team currently competes in the NCAA Division I’s Ohio Valley Conference.

What Athletic Conference is Tennessee State University in?

Tennessee State is classified among “R2: Doctoral Universities – High research activity.”

How many Division 1 schools are there in Tennessee?

Tennessee Ten: Stock report and ranking of the state’s 10 Division I football teams. With recognition that four of the state’s 10 college Division I football teams play in the Football Bowl Subdivision and the other six play in the Football Championship Subdivision. Here’s one man’s stock report

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Is Middle Tennessee State University a d1 school?

The Blue Raiders are the men’s and women’s athletic teams at Middle Tennessee State University, in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. MT athletic teams participate in NCAA Division I (Bowl Subdivision in football) in Conference USA.

Is OU a d1 school?

There are currently 358 colleges classified as Division I for NCAA competition. Alaska is the only state without a Division 1 school. The University of Oregon won the very first NCAA men’s basketball championship in 1939. Louisiana Tech won the very first NCAA women’s basketball championship in 1982.

What division is Tennessee State basketball?

It’s a party school that is reflected around sports and sports activities. It is also a school where there is a large greek social atmosphere as well. UTK is considered to be one of the biggest party schools.

What division is Tennessee State University softball?

Tennessee State University is located in Nashville, TN and the Softball program competes in the Ohio Valley Conference conference.

Is Belmont a d1?

Belmont University is a Christian school just two miles southwest of Nashville. Belmont’s sports teams, the Bruins, compete in the NCAA Division I Ohio Valley Conference.

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