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What Attractions Are In Gatlinburg Tennessee? (Solved)

What are the attractions in Gatlinburg?

  • Gatlinburg is home to a multitude of museums, amusement parks and attractions for the whole family. Ripley Entertainment hosts a number of the town’s attractions, including Ripley’s Davy Crockett Mini-Golf, Ripley’s Marvelous Mirror Maze, Ripley’s Super Funzone, Ripley’s Haunted Adventure, Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

What is Gatlinburg Tennessee known for?

The quaint, resort-like village of Gatlinburg, nestled in the mountains of East Tennessee, is known for it’s beautiful scenery, great shopping, as well as its colorful history. The small resort town, commonly referred to as the “Gateway to the Smoky Mountains,” lies at the foot of Mt.

What is in downtown Gatlinburg?


  • Gatlinburg Pinball Museum.
  • The Gatlinburg Space Needle.
  • IRIS Theater.
  • The Captured.
  • Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies.
  • Ripley’s Davy Crockett Mini-Golf.
  • Ripley’s Marvelous Mirror Maze & Ripley’s Candy Factory.
  • Ripley’s Haunted Adventure.

What is there to do on the strip in Gatlinburg?

To help you make the most of your next vacation, the Bearskin Lodge has put together a guide to the top five things to do on the Gatlinburg Strip.

  • Visit the Hollywood Star Cars Museum.
  • Experience Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies.
  • Explore the Guinness World Records Adventure.
  • Conquer Ripley’s Mirror Maze.
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What is Gatlinburg famous food?

Must-try famous Foods and Eateries in Gatlinburg

  • Ogle Dog at Fannie Farkles.
  • Donuts at the Donut Friar.
  • Deviled Eggs at Parton’s Deli.
  • Garlic Knots at Best Italian.
  • Pancakes at the Pancake Pantry.
  • Salad Bar at the Peddler Steakhouse.
  • Taffy Logs at Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen.

Why is Gatlinburg so popular?

It also came in fourth place on TripAdvisor’s list of global up-and-coming destinations. Set in the picturesque entrance to Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Gatlinburg is home to a plethora of outdoor activities, a growing food scene, and eclectic attractions that make it a popular destination for travelers.

How much does it cost to walk across the SkyBridge in Gatlinburg?

Admission prices are $14.95 for children ages 4-11, $17.95 for adults over 65 and $19.95 for adults ages 12-64.

Is Gatlinburg walkable?

Gatlinburg is known as an easily walkable town. So if you get tired or need a break, just stop in one of the many shops and restaurants you pass by. Apart from the downtown Parkway and connecting side streets, the East Parkway at Traffic Light No. 3 is dotted with shops and restaurants for about three miles.

Is Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge Better?

Gatlinburg tends to offer more higher end restaurants. If you’re planning a great date night dinner or just want to grab a bite at one of the best steakhouses, Gatlinburg makes a better option for high-end food. Pigeon Forge offers great dining options as well.

Is Gatlinburg worth visiting?

It is definitely worth going to visit if you are into hiking, etc even if you don’t want a touristy area. It is possible to rent a cabin and avoid Gatlinburg altogether but plan on finding bypass roads to take and cook at your cabin. That said, Gatlinburg is a very touristy spot crammed within a couple of miles.

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What is there to do in Gatlinburg TN on a budget?

Inexpensive and Free Things to Do in Gatlinburg

  • Hiking Trails. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is the largest attraction in Gatlinburg.
  • Clingmans Dome.
  • Roaring Fork.
  • Gatlinburg Trolley.
  • Gatlinburg Arts and Crafts Community.
  • Cades Cove.
  • Ole Smoky Distillery.
  • Ghost and Haunt Tours of Gatlinburg.

What shops are in Gatlinburg TN?

8 Must-Stop Shops in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg

  • The Old Mill General Store. The Old Mill General Store is one of the top shopping places for both locals and visitors!
  • Ole Smoky Candy Kitchen.
  • Three Bears General Store.
  • The Incredible Christmas Place.
  • Great Smoky Arts & Crafts Community.
  • The Island.

Where do locals go in Gatlinburg?

7. Local Gatlinburg Shopping

  • Smoky Mountain Farms Jelly House.
  • Aunt Debbie’s Country Store.
  • Nantahala Outdoor Center.
  • The Jewelry Spot.
  • Flat Creek Village.

Where do locals eat at Gatlinburg?

7 Local Restaurants in Gatlinburg

  • Best Italian Cafe and Pizzaria. This casual Italian cafe in the heart of Gatlinburg has earned quite the following over the years.
  • The Pancake Pantry.
  • The Peddler Steakhouse.
  • The Donut Friar.
  • Smoky Mountain Brewery.
  • The Three Jimmy’s.
  • The Mountain Lodge.

What time does stuff open in Gatlinburg?

Everyday: 10 a.m.-10 p.m. Sunday-Friday: 10 a.m.-8 p.m. Saturday: 10 a.m.-10 p.m.

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