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How Much Is A Bus Ticket To Tennessee? (Correct answer)

How much does a bus pass cost?

  • Type of Bus Cost 7-Day Pass – Unlimited 7 days $ 20.00 31-Day Pass – Unlimited 31 days $ 65.00 31-Day Discounted Pass – 65 and older or $ 33.00 20-Ride Local – 20 rides on any MTA rout $ 40.00

Does Greyhound go to Pigeon Forge Tennessee?

Amtrak trains do not serve the state of Tennessee, but you can get to Pigeon Forge by bus. The Greyhound bus station is, like the airport, found in Knoxville.

Is Greyhound bus still running?

Greyhound is temporarily reducing schedules across our network as a result of the drop in demand due to coronavirus. In addition, Greyhound is aware that government mandates reld to COVID-19 have resulted in restrictions in cross-border travel. As a result, Greyhound has canceled services between the U.S. and Canada.

Does Amtrak go to Gatlinburg TN?

Amtrak does not provide rail service to Gatlinburg, nor does Greyhound offer bus service. Either way will get you to Gatlinburg. If you take 321 you will drive through Wears Valley and into Pigeon Forge.

How many stops does Greyhound make?

Stations and stops Greyhound serves over 2,700 destinations across America. There are 230 Greyhound operated stations in most major cities, where passengers can catch a bus and buy tickets. All stations have Greyhound branding and are staffed by company representatives.

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