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How Much Do Bsn Nurses Make In Tennessee? (Perfect answer)

BSN Salary in Tennessee

Annual Salary Monthly Pay
Top Earners $118,920 $9,910
75th Percentile $95,418 $7,951
Average $77,306 $6,442
25th Percentile $62,515 $5,209

What is the average salary of a nurse in Tennessee?

  • The average salary for a nurse is $21.08 per hour in Tennessee and $7,500 overtime per year. 34% lower. than national average.

How much does a BSN make in Nashville TN?

Frequently asked questions about a RN, Bsn salaries The highest salary for a RN, Bsn in Nashville, TN Area is $82,505 per year. The lowest salary for a RN, Bsn in Nashville, TN Area is $46,462 per year.

How much do new nurses make in Tennessee?

How much does a New Graduate Registered Nurse make in Tennessee? The average New Graduate Registered Nurse salary in Tennessee is $58,980 as of October 29, 2021, but the range typically falls between $52,909 and $67,429.

What is the pay difference between RN and BSN?

According to PayScale, the average hourly salary for an RN is $29.62, and $32.20 for nurses with a BSN. This difference equates to a lot per year.

What can you do with a BSN in nursing?

Graduates with a BSN can work as bedside nurses in medical settings, such as hospitals, clinics, and physicians’ offices. They can also pursue careers as nurse educators, health policy nurses, nurse recruiters, nurse informaticists, forensic nurses, clinical research nurses, or nurse health coaches.

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Where do nurses make the most money in Tennessee?

Average RN Salary In Tennessee The highest-paying regions for RNs are in the Memphis metropolitan, with average RN salaries at around $68,300. The Nashville area comes in second, with the average RN salary at $68,130. Additionally, RNs located in the Clarksville area can expect to earn about $64,990.

Is Tennessee good for nurses?

Not only is Tennessee home to many excellent nursing programs, but studying in-state prepares you to pass the NCLEX, become a registered nurse (RN), and meet the application requirements for a nursing license in Tennessee.

How hard is RN schooling?

Nursing school isn’t for the faint of heart. In fact, it can be extremely challenging. Because nursing programs tend to be more demanding in terms of credits, many students are forced to fast-track their degrees by taking multiple hard classes at once.

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